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The Road to America's Got Talent

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

In 2013, I received an email from a producer of NBC's America's Got Talent asking me to audition for the show. My first questions was - how the heck did you find me? They found a video on YouTube of me and my friend Ryan Wheelbarrow creating custom clothing together. (posted below) The producer loved the energy, the dancing, the concept and wanted me to showcase my tshirt cutting talents in 2 minutes or less! I decided against participating in this possibility for many reasons. I always had it in the back of my mind.

Fast forward to 2020, I am on a work snip trip to San Francisco and my cousin forwards me a link to apply for a private audition via his casting director friend. I sent a few examples of my work to her, she loved it, and we scheduled an audition 36 hours later! Mind you, I still only have 120 seconds to wow the casting director and I haven't a clue of what I will do! The wave of excitement and anxiety comes on strong- I realize what a fine line that is to navigate!

The entire 36 hours before the audition, I am beyond nervous. I feel like barfing, I can't eat, it's like my digestion system doesn't know how to function anymore. I'm constantly playing out the best case and worst case scenarios in my head- wondering which way it will go. I haven't practiced and I don't have a model to cut on. What serendipity! My best friend, Luna, was coming to visit me the next day and obliged to do the audition with me as long as I didn't snip off her long beautiful brunette hair!

We arrive to an elementary school for the private audition and I am breathing deeply to keep myself together. We head upstairs and I strap on my roller-skates. Oh yea.. Im pulling out all the bells and whistles to WOW! I start rolling around the hall listening to Moon Hooch to get me amped and in the zone. I am the last act of the day. The acapella group exits the room and I roll on over. My toe stop breaks right off! What?! Really?! Now?!

It's Luna to the rescue and all the staff are scrambling to get different types of tape to repair my skate! We did our best and we laugh as we roll into the audition room...

Let's just say it did not go very smooth. I almost stabbed Luna right in the boob. Must have played it off really well because we got a call back! Can't wait for what's next!

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