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Celebrity Judges and COVID

2 Days before the entire world shutdown due to the pandemic, I was 2,700 miles away from home. Alone in a hotel room, I flew to Pasadena, California for my official America's Got Talent audition in front of the judges and live audience to perform on the largest stage in the world! As the news of Corona became more serious, I was informed that there would be no live audience. That made me a little less nervous but I was bummed that my friends and family that lived nearby could not attend and support.

A few hours after checking in, I read online that the celebrity judge that I was working with was actually feeling under the weather, luckily not with Covid. She had been feeling sick for a few days. I called my producer to confirm and she asked if I could fly all the way back the next week. Disgruntled, I agreed to this. The quarantine went into effect just a couple days later.

It was a strange time for us all. I honestly just stopped everything. I was at a pinnacle point in my career with such an amazing opportunity at my finger tips and it was all put on hold. I swear I didn't cut shirts for 3 months! I took this time to settle into a new place with my handsome partner, to relax, and to start a garden and a new obsession.

There were a lot of positives and negatives that came from covid- 2020 was definitely a roller coaster!

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